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Welcome to my personal website. I am Jurek, two stations are operated by me SQ2LYO QTH Lebork and SP2LYO QTH Gdynia. I hope , that visitors find here something intersting. I invite you to look at my site.

GP7 Dx

My radio equipment :

  1. Transceivers :
    • Yeasu FT 450 AT + SCU-17
    • Yeasu FT 2800
    • Comtex CT-207H
  2. Antennas
    • GP7 - DX vertical multi band
    • Longwire home made of wire
    • ant. for 2m band home made
    • mobile antenna for 2m band
  3. Besides
    • Power Supply NS-1228A
    • ... and so long

SPDX You are ivited to take part in annual SPDX Contest

1050 anniversary
Baptism of Poland was one of the most important events in 2016 year. Many operators took participation in special radio activation.

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